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What We Do 

Reliable and affordable handyman services in Calgary.

Hire certified and trained individuals who can come to your house at a time that is convenient for you. You can meet with the carpenter and describe the service you require or the type of end product you desire.



 Letsfixit offers Reliable and affordable handyman services in Calgary. We'll work within your budget to get you what you want. If you need Installation services, you can count on us to provide them.



Our drywall experts can help you with a variety of drywall repairs and finishing services to make your home look fantastic. Our home renovation experts have many years of experience. They've seen it all—and fixed it! 



 You get an all-around Painting service experience with a Reliable and affordable handyman service in Calgary which includes skilled painters using mechanized tools, site supervision, and a dust-free, faster, and better painting job that is now safer than ever! 



Reliable and affordable handyman service in Calgary can help you get your dream furniture sets. Our experts can help you save time and effort by connecting you with the top carpenter in the city. 



 We offer reliable and affordable handyman service in Calgary that includes  Installing shelves, extending existing shelves, and replacing kitchen cabinet hinges and handles are all popular carpentry tasks.



 The ease with which tile flooring may be repaired is one of its most appealing features. We can fix a cracked chipped, or soiled tile, as well as fill in the grout lines to match the rest of the flooring. You can count on our dependable expertise for your next tile flooring installation or repair project.



In just a few clicks, you may find top-rated experienced carpenter services. By utilizing our Reliable and affordable handyman services in Calgary, you can get a good bargain and save money. If you're in need of more storage, talk to your experts about having a custom set of stylish cabinets created just for your home.

Fence & Deck


 We not only install fences and decks; we also design them to meet your individual needs. When you hire a professional contractor from let’s fix it, you have a better chance of getting exactly what you want since our professionals have the necessary tools and know-how.


 Our skilled carpenters can also make custom cabinets, beds, bookcases, entertainment units, doors, and window frames. You won't need to hire a renovation professional because Letsfixit, got you covered!!​



 We hold ourselves to the highest of standards at Letsfixit, and we work relentlessly to ensure that our services reflect that. Letsfixit Flooring has a floor system to fit your needs, no matter how demanding your environment is.

Aging in Place


 When we are here to help you out then there is no need to take on your home improvement job by yourself! We have several experts who specialize in designing or upgrading safe and accessible homes. Consultants can spot flaws in existing homes and assist you in making the necessary safety improvements. 



 We offer high-quality maintenance services in the areas of electricity & carpentry. Experts in their respective disciplines, such as carpenters, electricians, painters, and polishers, provide relevant and excellent services as needed.

Custom Furniture


 If your furniture has lost its luster, skilled carpentry services such as Letsfixit can restore it. 

Our Promise


For any of your general home maintenance needs, you can count on us to deliver quality workmanship and superior customer service. We provide reliable and affordable handyman service in Calgary. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. From home renovations to small repairs, we do it all!

Letsfixit, Reliable and affordable handyman services in Calgary enable homeowners to employ qualified specialists to assist them with simple maintenance and home renovation activities, usually on an hourly or per-job basis, our experts work according to your needs. Our Reliable and affordable handyman service in Calgary may help homeowners and renters correct small flaws, assemble furniture, and re-paint a room—all while employing the same firm. We can handle a wide range of tasks and offer quick response times, wide availability, and a level of security that includes a client guarantee or particular requirements. 

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